Five Franchises That Would Make Great MMO’s

Orcs, elves, goblins, dwarves and gnomes, are we tired of them yet? The apparently eternal success of Involving Warcraft would say no, but let’s take a look at a few other massive franchises that could easily make the leap from movie, book or single player sensation, to instant MMO classic. Transformers: With over thirty years of history and two movies, (Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) as their name in the last five years grossing almost two billion dollars at the worldwide box office, there’s no beating about the bush, the robots in disguise are big again, massive actually.

Who would have thought a 30 minute toy ad disguised as a kids cartoon from would supply the basis to find a multi billion dollar franchise? Men in suits, that’s who also. How might it work? The temptation would be to go with just two classes, Autobot and Decepticon, why not also introduce a third playable class; Humans? They’ve always played a pivotal part all of the Transformers history, against the Headmasters to the Witwicky’s (in both Transformers: The Movie and the new live action revival).

The game could take place across multiple major world cities and then extend onto other planets and fictional locations outlined in the Transformers mythos, locations like Cybertron, Junk and Autobot City. Every Transformers fan will tell you, this MMO will definitely want to be based upon Dreamwave’s Generation One comic series. Odds of it happening: Despite the belief that the franchise is huge at the moment, this one’s a long shot. Activision Blizzard would be current film license holders and they appear happy in order to us a non-massively multiplayer game making use of release of each entry involving movie franchise, but are not appearing to hot on the idea of getting the whole blown MMO project into production at any of their studios.

You have to think the odds of a Transformers MMO getting made are pretty slim, at least until the movies have run their coaching course. Call of Duty: Ironically, the subtitle for your latest Call of duty game, World at War, would are a great title to have massively multiplayer entry inside of the series, it even any zombie horde attack mode that could have been perfect 1 of those novelty Halloween events that MMO developers like to throw to entice subscribers back into the fold. How might it work? It isn’t particularly difficult to imagine that players will have the ability to distinct “races”, coming from the US Special Forces into the British go to this site SAS and everything in between.